Synthpop trio Prinze George are looking to take the end of summer by storm with their gripping, alluring debut LP, Illiterate Synth Pop, which is being premiered exclusively by The 405 ahead of its August 5th release date.

Composed of Naomi Almquist (a stunning vocalist), Isabelle De Leon (a powerful and emotive drummer) and Kenny Grimm (a diversely talented multi-instrumentalist and producer), Prinze George hails from - you guessed it - Prince George's County, M.D. in the U.S.

The group has been together since 2013, allowing them plenty of time to hone their craft in preparation for Illiterate Synth Pop. The album is a beautiful, emotional affair that accurately reflects the soft pink warmth of the album cover. The palpable heartbreak beneath 'Wait Up' and the anthemic message of 'Freeze' are but two of the highlights on this exceptional debut.