Py has shared the title-track of her upcoming EP Ghostdance, which is due out on March 30th. Recorded at Red Bull, Paris, and produced by her friend Throwing Snow, Ghostdance is about "different sorts of love," Py explains in a message to The 405. "It focuses on my relationship with the important people in my life. Although it is a hugely personal piece of work, I hope it touches with other peoples experiences. I think most of the feelings I describe have, perhaps not always in the same way, been experienced by most."

Regarding the title-track, she says she "wrote it to remind myself to not get weighed down by past situations and experiences that have hurt and scared me and to live in the moment and to be true to myself."

"Although the lyrics are dark I ultimately wanted the song to have a optimistic feeling, a feeling of breaking away from the ghosts of the past," she concludes. Stream 'Ghostdance' below.