R E L is an LA-Your text to link...based singer-songwriter on a mission to make music with purpose. Her first project since her debut EP in 2016? It’s a three-sided, visual album chronicling her path to healing and self-acceptance called EVOCAPOP. And the 405 is here to premiere here first single, ‘Surgery’.

As R E L explains, “Music can heal. I've chosen to make a three-sided album to address each phase of healing as its own story and as part of a bigger story. I developed an eating disorder at a very young age (7) and struggled with it for many years. Side A tells the story of the first stage of healing – facing your problem, realizing you’ve been hurting yourself. Self-compassion is the first step towards peace.”

‘Surgery’ is the third track from Side A. The track puts into focus the pain that comes with eating disorders and body dysmorphia, calling to just be put under and re-shaped, stitched and sewn into something you believe to be better. But it’s never better because you’re meant to be you. Authenticity is strengthened by her vocals. When she sings, she does not lament and wail. She is sombre and unsure, but willing to listen.

The reflective tone of ‘Surgery’ respects the subject matter at hand. Take some time to yourself to just breathe and let ‘Surgery’ by R E L wrap its arms around you.