London-based trio RITUAL released their acclaimed second EP - the ethereal From The City To The Wilderness - less than two months ago, but it seems they're already onto another project. But don't worry, they're not leaving this EP behind - their new project takes the EP into new directions.

Titled From The Wilderness To The City, RITUAL have called upon some musical friends to help rework and reimagine tracks from the EP. Today, we're excited to premiere the Hasta remix of EP opener 'Low Season', featuring rising singer/songwriter Raye. "'Low Season' is a tune about those bleak moments we all go through," the trio told us over email. "The kind that make us stronger if you can get through them. For the remix, we invited Raye to jump on it and I think she could really relate, in terms of things she's already been through herself - especially in the music industry where you often find yourself dealing with people and situations that really test your character." Complementing Ritual on their work, Raye added "We go so, so far back. I had my first session with them when I had just turned 15; they are my family and I have so much love for them! They asked me to jump on this track and I was unquestionably down. I would do anything for the RITUAL guys!"

The remainder of the EP also includes contributions from the likes of Jay Prince, rising hip-hop collective Brockhampton and production work from Sound of Fractures and Alfa Mist. With Hasta's reimagining of 'Low Season', the pair hope listeners are uplifted by the track, who together with RITUAL have added more bass, more synths and more drums for a more all-round musical experience. "It's really about triumph over adversity and overcoming people’s doubts and dubious intentions!" With the added instruments, it comes as little surprise to find the pair felt it would sound best during a late night drive. "To us, it's something that you wanna hear blasting out of some speakers in your car at night - while you drive through the city and think about all the things you've overcome to get where you are in your life."

From The Wilderness To The City will be available to download from December 4.