Following the release her debut single 'Humdrum Drive!', RHAIN is back with a brand new, haunting track. 'Josephine' lives in that enchanted vocal world inhabited by the likes of Never For Ever-era Kate Bush and Little Earthquakes-era Tori Amos, where childlike innocence and unsettling maturity meet.

"It was a dark and stormy night when I tripped and fell down into the gutter where I was shrink-rayed by a passing power ranger," RHAIN told The 405 over email. "I was washed down a drain where I met Ali Chant and Drew Morgan and another guy who was made entirely of wood. We all turned on our wooden friend (he wasn't very polite and would always put his elbows on the dinner table and was a shoddy hand for opening doors for you) and made his body into a cello for Drew to play. Ali had some microphones kicking around and I had this song called 'Josephine'... and being washed down the drain, having not much else to do apart from waiting to get rescued we thought we might as well record a song. And that's how 'Josephine' came into being..."

Stream the track below, plus check out her forthcoming gig schedule:

  • 15/07/16 - Rhythm Tree Festival
  • 23/07/16 - Obelisk - Deer Shed Festival
  • 24/07/16 - Nebula - Bluedot Festival
  • 29/07/16 - Big Blue - Farm Festival
  • 31/07/16 - Kendal Calling
  • 12/08/16 - Floating Lotus - Boomtown Fair
  • 02/09/16 - End of the Road Festival
  • 08/09/16 - Cecil Sharp House w/ Lucy Rose