Something new for you right now. This is the latest joint by American producer and rapper RICKYREASONZ, whose back-catalogue echoes with smooth beats and a laid-back flow, dotted with community-warming collaborations.

This new one's called 'skyscrppr' and, much like its namesake, the bass in particular here is huge and daunting, cutting through the sea of cut-up instrumental samples with totemic intensity.

As much as it summons the rain-or-shine upbeat attitude of skate-hop – the kinda thing you'd find gracing the soundtrack of an old Tony Hawk's game – there's also an unnerving intimidation at work here, something weird. Perhaps this is a hangover from the track's intro, which buzzes on the threshold of a nightmare, a vocal sample "When I see the Devil…" stuttering along.

The whole thing is something that doesn't sit right mentally, but in a wonderful way; it subverts your expectations, allowing you to chill out but hounding you all the while with ever-so-slight disturbances. An original sound.

Listen below.