Portuguese singer-songwriter Natasha Simões left her hometown of Lisbon a few years ago to pursue better opportunities. Now based in London, Simões, describing herself as a ‘one girl band’, adopted the moniker of Maripool to make reality her growing desire of creating biographical-type music.

Adult Weakness, her first EP, was recorded straight in her bedroom accompanied by a self-made zine. The collection of five songs represented the idea of growing up into adulthood and was released on tape, symbolising a more intimate feeling as much as a reflection of her own songwriting process and delicate vision.

Now, with her new EP I See Everything, I Know Nothing, we see Maripool grow into clearer sounding production and soothing melodies. Here she’s reaffirming her identity and motivations as a musician, while dwelling with the idea of coming to terms with the fact that you can’t envision your life hoping that everything will go as expected.

Catch Maripool live:
10th July - Rye Wax (EP release show), London, UK
10th August - The Shacklewell Arms, London, UK

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