Ahead of the release of their forthcoming EP, Wasteful, we're extremely proud to premiere RÓSA's latest single, 'Without You'. Not only that, but we managed to catch up with the band to discuss their writing/recording process, the aforementioned EP, and of course, their new track.

So, open your ears to the crooning and electronic glitch-driven R&B of RÓSA's, 'Without You'. And while you're yearning for that special someone, open your eyes to get to know the band that will be on everyone's radar this summer.

You're meeting each other was a bit of happenstance. How did you all connect and start writing/ recording together?

Independently from meeting the guys I (Will) wanted to get back into music. I hadn't done anything for over a year, but when I did it was always alone. I knew I couldn't do it alone anymore, so I asked the guys if they wanted to mess around and hear some of my songs. When I realized we worked well together I introduced the idea of being in a band together with them and we all felt it was right. We went in and recorded the first 4 songs we wrote together.

How does that music compare to what you are making today?

I'm not sure the music in the beginning was all that different. We have learned a lot and wanted to challenge ourselves, so that's what we did. We worked with a new producer and our attitude was just to make something out of our comfort zone.

What inspired your new single and EP opener, 'Without You'?

As ridiculous or cliché as it might sound, a lot of the RnB/dancehall shit that influenced pop music at the time inspired 'Without You'. We wanted to reinterpret a lot of stuff we were listening to into our own context. That's where our heads were at the time.

How does it fit in the context with the rest of Wasteful?

Wasteful is an experiment, just like this single was an attempt at something new for us. We worked with a producer who we really enjoyed and added his unique style to what we were trying to do. The whole EP was a push out of our comfort zone.

If you could collaborate with any artist/ band, who would it be and why?

If we could collaborate with anyone it would be someone old probably, like Paul McCartney. He made hits with Michael Jackson two decades after his own and Kanye two decades after that; not to mention the hundred other ones he did without them. He's as close to god as we'll ever get.

You can catch RÓSA at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, California on July 1st for their EP release party (purchase tickets here.)