Ryley Walker's first album on Dead Oceans isn't out until March 30th, but thanks to NPR, you can stream it in full right now.

According to the press release, "it was a 2012 bike accident that set Ryley on his current path. He quit his day job to recuperate but instead of returning to the grind he duked it out on the rock club circuit."

Sounds like he made the right call.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Primrose Green
  • 2. Summer Dress
  • 3. Same Minds
  • 4. Griffiths Bucks Blues
  • 5. Love Can Be Cruel
  • 6. On the Banks Of The Old Kishwaukee
  • 7. Sweet Satisfaction
  • 8. The High Road
  • 9. All Kinds Of You
  • 10. Hide In The Roses

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