Are you ready for a colourful rave in slow-motion, where balloons full of glow-in-the-dark paint burst over dancing bodies in brick buildings lit with strobe lights, fairy lights draped over almost every surface. That's just about the long and short of it. Of what? Of Brooklyn-based Colombian outfit Salt Cathedral's (previously known as Il abacino until Spring last year) latest track, 'Tease'.

Despite being mildly supercharged by its own rhythm, this song manages to keep everything caramel-slow; smooth, laid-back vocals reverb out in dreamlike clouds as octave-alternating bass underpins a skittering beat, sometimes taken and looped with vocodery goodness; towards the end guitars pop and zing with atmospheric expansiveness. It's energetic and minimalistically empty at the same time, like a fleeting dream, or a night of fun forgotten.

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