A major surprise here: 'Brisa' – "breeze" in Portuguese – by São Paulo-based producer Sants (aka Diego Santos). It's a totally feel-good number, featuring delightful chops of jangly guitars and harmonising and pitch-shifted vocals. The beat is delicious and mouthwatering; a veritable and robust delicacy of drum sounds, each one as sumptuous as the next. This retro hip-hop style is contrasted with the mean fuzz of a saw-wave bass, its abrasive nature working perfectly with the glassy highs of the vocals and the sunny disposition of the guitars. If this is so lovely, well, I'm gonna stick around and see what Sants, who's part of the São Paulo label Beatwise Recordings family, is up to on a regular basis. Oh yeah, this is a free download, too. Vejo-te em breve!

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