Sants, real name Diego Santos, is a young producer coming straight out of Sao Paulo in Brazil. He's nicely cutting his own path musically thanks to his own accomplished strains of instrumental hip-hop and R&B that make up the foundations of his music.

While Sants is yet to become widely recognised, he already has an extensive back catalogue behind him after releasing his album Low Moods in the summer of 2013. His latest track, 'Didn't Try (Make It Better)' leans more toward the R&B side of the spectrum, as it features smooth and soulful processed vocals for pretty much the whole duration of the song.

On Soundcloud, the only caption for the track is what roughly translates from Portuguese as "Illustrated night in 18 days," which may allude to some reference of time regarding when and how the track came together. Upon writing this, Sants had already uploaded another new track to his SoundCloud account so keep an eye on his networks for more beats.

Listen below.

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