Say Lou Lou's debut album is been available to our Scandinavian friends since February, but now, thanks to NPR, the rest of us pop-loving music fanatics are available to hear it without resorting to buying an expensive import, or changing our IP addresses.

Lucid Dreaming is released on April 6th, and contains one of our favourite pop songs of the year, 'Nothing But A Heartbeat'.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Everything We Touch
  • 2. Glitter
  • 3. Games For Girls X Lindstrøm
  • 4. Julian
  • 5. Angels (Above Me)
  • 6. Peppermint
  • 7. Beloved
  • 8. Hard For A Man
  • 9. Wilder Than The Wind
  • 10. Nothing But A Heartbeat
  • 11. Skylights