When she's not fighting off tantamount praise, flirting with gaudy tech, and dealing with a cavalcade of unbelievably stupid crap from the worst in modern internet humanity, UK breakout FKA Twigs has been the subject of a few stellar remixes. Just this week, her track 'Ache' had a furiously good re-do from Izzy. But now, another one of her rousing LP1 tracks has been tackled by a more familiar name; Sega Bodega.

The Glasgow producer has had a pretty hefty 2014 himself, releasing a stunning batch of singles and his own illustrious EP 34 last March. His hyper-textural touch is deftly his own, producing patterns at a speed, quality, and tenacity that's improbable to rival. But while his solo work varies in approach, he's taken to softer pop products with a firm hand as well. In 2012, shortly after Lana Del Rey's breakout, he took on her hit 'National Anthem' and added a dubious array of magnetic elements, mashing Rey's slow delivery into a caffeinated pop crush.

Bodega - born Salvador Navarrete - manages to curtail a refreshing cocktail IDM and bludgeoning pop chemistry into his new remix of 'Lights On', further proving his all-out approach to the remix game. Stream it below.

Is this the album of the year?