Sinners, saints, thrill-seekers, and cheats. These are just some of the themes present in Seraphina's music - whose sonic energy mainly derives from the gospel choirs of the deep South allied to the poetic decadence of Soho's sex shops and speakeasies.

Altar is the Londoner's debut EP, a four-track release written and produced by Seraphina herself; after all, intimacy is an important element of her music, which she is currently performing with guitarist Rob Mawer. Oscillating between innocence and disenchantment, fragility and a tornado-like intensity, Altar carries the listener throughout a journey of self-reflection and introspection remotely reminiscent of the likes of Bat For Lashes, London Grammar, and even Elliott Smith.

"Altar was inspired by two contrasting worlds - the hedonistic, neon-lit debauchery of London nightlife, and the cobwebbed trees, gospel choirs and backwater churches of Florida where my paternal family live," she explains. "I'm inspired by what it is to be human - the murky, bacchic, nocturnal waters of the human psyche are the most powerful because we are all flawed creatures. There's an Edgar Allen Poe quote that I find myself coming back to again and again, because it hits on this theme perfectly: 'Each man creates his own god for himself, his own heaven, his own hell.'"

You can stream Altar in full below.