After a period of inactivity, emerging Wellington, New Zealand beatmaker, vocalist and producer Shuedet (real name: Thom King) returns with a new five song EP of lush vocal electronica titled Permutations. In his words, "[Permutations] is a way of extending my capabilities for digitally enhanced live performance using stringed instruments, vocals, sequencers and field recordings."

Atmospheric in a cinematic or filmic sense, across its running time, Shuedet juxtaposes rich ambient textures with compelling organic rhythms, thunderous sub bass and his own airy voice. It's thoughtful and escapist work that recalls the electronic singer-songwriter form explored by the likes of Darkstar and James Blake, and the experimental psych-folk mode often felt within contemporary indie music.

If you enjoy Permutations and also happen to be a vinyl fan, Shuedet is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Qrates to press it up in 12" format. More details here.