We've already had a taste of Copenhagen-based singer/producer Siba's 'Mango' and 'Pomegranate' but now it's time to enjoy the entire basket with his Fruits EP, which is now streaming in full ahead of its official release this Friday (March 18).

Speaking to Noisey, Siba explained: "The EP is mostly built on a lot of old ideas and stuff I did 2 or 3 years ago but I saw some potential in. That's why they are all kind of raw sounding. I just thought it was funny to have something out that could display where I come from. Plus, I think they're a lot fun these tunes, which is what music is all about. When I was a kid before making music myself I was just listening to major pop and loving all the 90s one hit wonders because of the melodies. I was a big Backstreet Boys fan and I collected fan cards and all that. The first CD I bought myself was that Wheatus single "Teenage Dirtbag", which to this day still gives me a very certain feeling when I listen to it. Anyway, that kind of music has had a big influence on how I listen to and make music, which I think shows on this EP."

Listen to the full EP below. You can also pre-order the Fruits EP on iTunes.