"I'm a product of the Internet," Sinkane (Ahmed Gallab) recently expressed to the NY Times. "The way I make records is similar to making a mixtape. My musical influences -- reggae, soul, African, country -- are tied together emotionally. They all come out of oppression and hardship: poor white folk have a longing and urgency that's very similar to that of Jamaican, African and African-American musicians."

Intrigued about his new album, Mean Love? Well if you are, you can stream it below courtesy of NPR. Mean Love is released on September 1st via City Slang (DFA Records in North America).

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. How We Be
  • 02. New Name
  • 03. Yacha
  • 04. Young Trouble
  • 05. Moonstruck
  • 06. Mean Love
  • 07. Hold Tight
  • 08. Galley Boys
  • 09. Son
  • 10. Omdurman