In the world of music, SISTERS are a relatively new band, having only been a solidified duo since 2014. Emily Westman and Andrew Vait met in music school, but as is life, they soon went their separate ways. It wasn't until reconnecting in Seattle, Washington that their musical partnership took form.

Within their first year of playing under the name SISTERS, Westman and Vait were booked to play big time festivals like Bumbershoot and Sasquatch. Even Starbucks jumped in on the action and licensed the band's first two singles. And with how infectious SISTERS' music is, it's easy to understand why.

SISTERS are all about having expansive arrangements that prove duos can do as much as a full-stocked band. As Westman puts it, "It's taking multi-tasking to the extreme." And that's exactly what SISTERS do with their new single, 'Buck'. It's an anthem with heavy beats that still finds a way to dance along the city rooftops on a Saturday night. There is a pulse that gets your toes tapping from the song's opening. You tend to forget that this is a duo with the amount of layering in 'Buck'. They play it off effortlessly.

So, take a listen to 'Buck' and reminisce about those summer nights that are slowly fading as fall approaches. One again, the 405 is here to premiere a track we know will excite your bones.