Thanks to Taylor Swift and her friendship #squad, it feels like you can't open up Instagram without someone (read: celebrities) claiming that them and their particular group of pals should be your #squadgoals, even if the term itself dates back much further than T-Swift. My personal favorite, however, comes from San Francisco-based producer Slaptop, whose debut single 'Sunrise' tells a tale of a group of friends embarking on all-night adventures down the coast who call themselves the #sunsquad.

Today, Slaptop's back with a brand new track called 'Remember'. It's a bit darker than what we've heard from him thus far, but its dream-like retro 80's sound and driving synths should will sound perfect as you're taking those solo late-night speeding down the freeway. In an email, he said that ""Remember" is a dark and deep with a twinge of nostalgic playfulness. It's about the limits and hopelessness of recollection and the eventual resignation of control over the way that the future views the past."

Get your nostalgia on by streaming 'Remember' below, and make sure to check him out this weekend if you're going to be in Chicago for Lollapalooza.

  • Tour Dates:
  • 30 July - Smart Bar, Chicago, IL (w/ Hot Chip)
  • 31 July - Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL
  • 1 Aug - Hard Summer, Pomona, CA
  • 2 Aug - Hard Summer, Pomona, CA
  • 11 Sept - Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

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