At any given time, Sloppy Jane can have between 8 to 11 musicians, friends, and collaborators. But without Hayley Dahl, the band does not exist. Born from her lyrics and compositions, Dahl has forged a project out of Brooklyn that knowingly distances itself from the crowd. Catching Sloppy Jane live means witnessing choir vocals, xylophone, kazoo, television, slide whistle, vomiting blue dye, a naked body, a rotting suit, ruby red slippers, violent shifts in genre and speed, a make-believe maestro, and a set that does not stop moving once it has started. (This is of course on top of all the standard band gear.)

Sloppy Jane’s debut LP, Willow, drops March 2nd. With a tour in tow, including a stop at SXSW, the 405 is here to premiere the band’s latest single, ‘Bark Like A God’.

The swung rhythm, gurgling bass, and Dahl’s rasp hook you into the dark. There’s a swagger that pervades the whole song. When Dahl slithers, “Baby, let’s get down/ I wanna bark like a god," you can taste the incense and sin. This only increases with the scattered bursts of moans between verses.

It’s Dahl’s voice that should be exalted. In less than three minutes, you hear a Tom Waits drawl, flippant teen snark, and a snarling goth-punk summoning their coven. The lyrics, while an obvious focus on Judeo/Christian/Islamic tradition, focuses more on the hypocrisy that can be attributed to the zealots of any institutionalized sect. ‘Bark Like A God’ is just levelling the playing field.

Treat yourself to Sloppy Jane’s ‘Bark Like A God’ and join in the call.

Upcoming tour dates:
March 7- The Glove (Record Release) - NYC w/ Shimmer
March 8- Little Grill - Harrisonburg, VA
March 10 - Third Man Records - Nashville, TN
March 11 - Issa House - New Orleans, LA w/ Waste Man
March 13- Transit Bicycle Co - Dallas, TX w/ Ed Schrader's Music Beat
March 14 - Hotel Vegas (Desert Daze SXSW Official Showcase) - Austin, TX
March 15 - Paper Tiger - San Antonio, TX w / Buttertones, The Cowboys, Sports
March 16 - For Spite (SXSW unofficial showcase) - Austin, TX
March 17 - New Guild Co-Op (Invertebrate SXSW Unofficial Showcase) - Austin, TX
March 17 - Siren Sound (Official SXSW Showcase) - Austin, TX
March 20 - Arizona State College - Tempe, AZ
March 22 - Non Plus Ultra - Los Angeles, CA w/ Geneva Jacuzzi, Sabrina Is Not in This Chat, Ember Knight
* More dates to be announced

You can pre-order the vinyl on Bandcamp.