Smidley comprise an emo supergroup of sorts, with Foxing's Conor Murphy assembling Cameron Boucher of Sorority Noise and Tigers Jaw as able support; only, their sound conspicuously lacks the pessimistic angst of Foxing, rather emanating blushes of good ol'-fashioend pop punk hooks and choruses, with some touches of folk melodies, and Murphy evincing a country-ish twang.

The singles prior identify Smidley as a tonally liberating exercise for Murphy, and 'Dead Retrievers' reinforces this image. Bubbly riffs, a buoyant chorus, and even a mother-flipping guitar solo; it's soaring, and yet the yelled lyrics drip with mortal dread. The incongruity works a treat. Murphy can floor you with densely foggy emo, and he can force you to the floor with these dancey-as-all-heck bangers. Buzzing for this record.