Software, the Mexican Summer imprint run by Joel Ford of Airbird and Daniel Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never, have announced details of a compilation album featuring the finest synth-rock act's across both prints' rosters.

Titled Slash-Rituals, highlights come from the slices Airbird and Oneohtrix Point Never contribute themselves, but there's a lot more to love here too. The Software side focuses on the downtempo, soft-synth electronica you've come to expect from the likes of Ford and Lopatin - Light Asylum's dark and anthemic 'Shallow Tears' deserves a honourable mention, as does the sparkling Adrian Sherwood / On-U Sound Remix of Peaking Lights' cut 'Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)'. Mexican Summer dabble in their signature far-out, kooky folk-rock/psychedelica hybrids; with achingly beautiful tracks from the likes of The Alps, Mike Wexler and Carlos Giffoni. Slava, Quilt, Zig Zags and Megafortress are also notable names who make an appearance.

The entire 15-track compilation is available to stream below.