EinarIndra is an Icelandic producer/songwriter/singer/genius fellow. I saw him play in a bar in Reykjavik a couple of years ago at Airwaves and his songs worked me into the kind of introspective trance that it's hard to snap out of. Like the midway point between the songwriting of Bon Iver and the scattered beats of Prefuse 73, which ended up sounding like James Blake but deeper somehow, the point is I walked away effected. Since then, his music has become more focused, 'Sometimes I'm Wrong' (which we are proudly premiering below) is one solid piano progression and a mantra-like chorus which steadily builds. It's the restraint that allows the flourish to really hit.

Sometimes there is more power in not talking about it; in letting your imagination do the work for you, or in this case, filling the gaps with your own situation. Making it work. The mantra of "Maybe I'm wrong, Sometimes I want to be wrong" has accompanied every brief bleak moment of doubt, every slow realisation that the shitty situation is actually happening, every time I deny it and counter the denial it is there... and now that reality has a soundtrack.

It helps. It really does. Acceptance is the first step. Which means all others from here are in the right direction.

'Sometimes I'm Wrong' is taken from the forthcoming Stories EP, which you'll be able to hear at the end of the month. His second album will be released later in the year.