Appearing last summer with the with the distinct catchiness of 'Samurai', Florida-based X priest X – the project of Madeline Priest (vocals), Chandler Strang and David Kazyk (producers) – will finally be releasing the Samurai EP. New track 'Sophie K' continues the odyssey of 80s inspired sounds with fragmented tribalesque drums, saw-wave bass, twinkling synth leads and pseudo-strings creating a prevailing mist of nostalgia – a mix of hard sludge and delicate prettiness; Madeline's voice is ever-sweet in the midst of these sounds. I googled "sophie k" but there's a model (several), a DJ/presenter, a psychologist… So who knows.

Either way, it's yet another tasty showcase of X priest X's synthpop sensibilities, which you can hear in their entirety so far on the Samurai EP, out 15th April on Swedish label Emotion.