Are you ready? Because we're all about to get teleported into space – don't worry, not without protection (no pun intended); we'll be in a cosy spacecraft, a sleek, swift little thing, that's got this bubble at the back where there's one of those rotating, circular beds, like in Austin Powers. Except it's much cooler, less funny, and more romantic. More wondrous. More sensual.

Or if we wanna get hyper-stylised, 'SNSVXL', i.e. the new track from Manila musicmaker SOUL_BRK. Part of the close-as-family Philippines collective YOUNGLIQUIDGANG, or YLG for short – a group of like-minded electronic music creators that includes brothers No Rome and Ulzzang Pistol, as well as 17-year-old singer/trackmaker, Valiant Vermin – SOUL_BRKs' latest is future-oriented.

Mario Galaxy SFX-style synth bends and wobbles that stop and start in waves, going along to this steady, sultry R&B rhythm; sometimes those cosmic chords judder and stutter along to the winding beat, with its rapid-fire hi-hats and heart-jolting kicks, and towards the end the stream of it all is joined by a synth solo from the very stars themselves; an astro-phantom talks to us from lightyears away. Looking out the window from the rotating bed, the Sombrero Galaxy glints at us. We cease in our sensual adventures to sip fluorescent cocktails and theorise about the universe.

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