Spazzkid's Promise EP couldn't have opened in a better way. Dreamy guitars wisp around and synth chords sweep softly with jaunty nonchalance, sidestepping into upbeat bossa nova at points, but ultimately providing a smart, happy-go-lucky illustration of summer love - yes, 'Lovers' is a great introduction. It initiates us into Spazzkid's new sound: synth-heavy & dancefloor-ready. But he retains his own personal touch, a dash of magic that imbues eternal freshness to each sound - especially in the rhythm itself, and the beats (often decorated with wonderfully simple and effective fills) that construct that rhythm.

His veil of magic finds its way into next track 'Truly', which features the delightfully deadpan rapping (in Japanese & English) of Sarah Bonito - from London outfit Kero Kero Bonito. Her quirky delivery, over the top of lush thickets of percussion and bouncing kicks, slide in between washes of cool synth, chiming bells and charming glockenspiels. Spazzkid's singing here is on a next level to his previous efforts - the melody, the vocal quality - with the hook here being a touching response to true love: "Truly never felt this way before / with someone I hopelessly adore / and you know I hope that this feeling stays the same / darling, I can't have it any other way." It's strange: such a mix that might not work on paper (there are even some trance synths in this one), but Spazzkid wraps it all up with dynamic structure.

'Goodbye' brings us into a familiar summer holiday feeling, a fresh, slow-swaying palm tree paradise that escalates into a supremely uptempo footwork bonanza (try not moving your body to this one, I dare you). But it's in closer and title-track 'Promise' where we find the most danceable beats of all. Percussion in the form of rolling snares, clicks, claps and kicks, clatters in dancehall swagger as gentle vocals from Mark Redito (Spazzkid, irl) caress your ears, and you gorge on a delicious platter of sounds from glittering glockenspiels to rich synths.

I was wondering how Spazzkid would "top" his big release last year, Desire, but it turns out that he doesn't actually need to top anything. His growth as an artist is not at all down to regrouping and trying to find a new sound; instead, it's an organic process, a positive reaction to uptempo, synth-laden music, an exploration of body-moving rhythms. His music transports you to this extra-sunny, peaceful and sometimes euphoric place - like it always has, and probably always will - but with each new release he paints a different picture every time.

Get the EP, released via Magical Properties, here (digitally or on cassette tape).