Just seeing the names gracing this remix EP is enough to get me excited. But that's just me. Go Yama, PARKGOLF, Demicat, Tofubeats… These guys all make seriously joy-inflected electronic and/or dance music. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Remember Spazzkid's Promise EP (we certainly loved it)? Well now Mark Redito (that's Spazzkid irl) has asked his some of his talented friends (7 of them) to have a go at reinventing his sound for this, the first in a two part remix EP.

In many instances, if not all, the spirit of Spazzkid's originals are kept alive; EASTGHOST retains the freshness and happiness of 'Lovers' but now sets it teetering on the edge of darker, sludgier climes; Go Yama adds more percussion to 'Truly', but turns it into a jazzy guitar jam by the end – super chilled, filled with virtuosic energy. Elsewhere, Goodnight Cody gives the same song a cartoon reggae makeover, filled with actual cartoon sound effects and a breezy VGM vibe, mutating at the halfway(ish) mark into a floaty exposition of wide, overarching synths, vocoding both Sarah (from Kero Kero Bonito, who raps on the original) and Mark's vocals to an endearing degree. Nice delicate ending, too.

Korean producer Demicat works his deep tropico-beach-house magic on title track 'Promise', adding heavyset drums and happily ascending marimba sounds, allowing the nocturnal romance of the vocals on this one some breathing room and providing slow snare rolls for dynamic ecstasies. The same song is remixed by Japanese footwork producer PARKGOLF, whose percussion and synth chord assaults are extremely ear-satisfying, and the legendary Tofubeats, chopping the beats into fractured pieces and serving them up with manageable helpings of glitched-out synth noises.

Oh man, last but not least, Spazzkid seemingly duets with Animal Crossing star KK Slider in Grimecraft's bass-heavy and ever-frenetic clap-frenzy juke-flavoured remix of 'Goodbye'. What more do you want, seriously?

So like, there you have it. Videogame vibes crossed with bass-focused dancefloor-ready rhythms, cuteness combined with attitude, atmospherics swirling into dynamic energies – the duality of "that's pretty" and "let's dance", almost Spazzkid's unspoken manifesto for sound, come into the foreground here, a revelation made by talented artists who are not only contemporaries and online friends of, but also influences on this unique producer and his music.

Released via Magical Properties, you can download this first part for a meagre $4 (or more, if you're feeling nice) from Spazzkid's Bandcamp.