On July 8th, Sugar Candy Mountain released their latest album, 666. The duo, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Ash Reiter and vocalist/drummer Will Halsey, are based in Joshua Tree, California. For anyone unfamiliar with the area, it is a desert haven for nature lovers, hippies, and college kids wanting their first shroom experience to be transcendent.

And Sugar Candy Mountain is a sonic representation of that vibe.

The 405 is excited to premiere their latest single, 'Windows'. It has a '60s noir vibe with Reiter's smoky vocals listlessly dancing above a vibraphone hook and psychedelic guitar. The song is open like the desert it was forged in. According to Reiter, the song is inspired by a '60s band called Wool. Reiter was obsessed with the vocals on their song 'If They Left Us Alone Now'. She loved the "cool falsetto note that hangs on the edge of breaking. I wanted to emulate that."

So take some time and kick back. Take a listen to the premiere of Sugar Candy Mountain's new single, 'Windows'. Tell your boss you need to take 5 to soak in and digest a tasty tune to get you back on track.