Scandinavian summer hits really taste different, don't they? Between their remarkable ability to produce incredible hooks and splendid pop melodies, the late sunsets and early sunrises inject an unexpected vigour in everything that comes from the North.

Swedish musician David Alexander, aka Summer Heart, is no exception to this rule. On his latest single 'Follow', which we are proud to be premiering today, he gathers the best from both worlds: the infectious Scandinavian dream pop melody is cherry-topped with warm Mediterranean flavours.

"To follow your dreams you must figure out what they are," Alexander says of the tune. "'Follow' is about that moment when you think you have it all figured out, only to realise you're not one bit wiser. Those things you do which you imagine will change everything...when all is said and done, afterwards you feel exactly the same."

His second full-length 101 is due out next month, and you should really catch him live at London's Birthdays on September 7th. Stream 'Follow' below.

Upcoming Tour Dates

07.09. Birthdays, London
18.10. Sunnyvale, NYC
23.10. Bootleg Theatre, LA