For all those wanting a dose of new music, especially that in the "beats" or "experimental" category, then here's something for you. 'Luhh' is a track from brilliantly named internet-dwelling producer, Super Amadeus (the profile pic for his SoundCloud is also really cool). Combining schizoid fantasy nostalgia with unmistakably dope beats, s/he's essentially a beatmaker whose penchant for creating brain-scratching, super interesting sounds gives him/her an almost fantasist experimental edge.

As for 'Luhh', it's a regulated wash of icy rich synth sounds pockmarked with various unintelligible samples, all set to the laid-back skiffling swing of an essentially hip-hop beat. Just before the midway point, the tide of sounds begins to get chopped up and re-ordered, the vocal samples popping out more frequently. It gets more and more busy, finishing up with a dazzling display of hyper-bendy wah-wah, knocking you down like a giant jawbreaker would knock down skittle-sized gummi bears. If you liked this and want more of this, then you should check out Super Amadeus' X Marks The Spot EP, positively bristling with bold experimental beats.

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