Nashville is synonymous with country music, but there is a growing sect of musicians who are looking to break free from that and stake their claim. Enter Josh Hawkins, best known as Super Duper. He is an EDM-centric artist who is set out to define a sound that is “distinctly Nashville”. And this fall, Super Duper will be dropping their first full length, VHS.

In anticipation of that album, the 405 has the premiere of Super Duper’s ‘Nothing Scares Us’, featuring the soulful voice of Daniella Mason.

As Josh put it, “Daniella and I have been collaborating on her upcoming album for a couple of months now, so it was a no-brainer to get some of her singing power on my project. Her voice has a lot of personality, so I tried to preserve that by making the vocals the lead element and not letting the track get in the way too much.”

And that balance makes all the difference. Super Duper’s layering and Daniella’s poignant vocals play naturally off of each other. And much of that comes from both of these artists absorbing the Nashville way of earnest songwriting. It’s a track you’ll truly listen to and dance to at the same time.