This is a song called 'Constant Delicious' by a rock band from Leeds called Super Luxury, and it's a noise-damaged banger of varied heritage. On the one hand, it's ascetic in its choices - one guitar, a coupla leathery yells, one athletic rhythm section. Stripped-back. Lean. Pure. On the other, it's so lairy and silly and loud that you'll have no problem using 'Constant Delicious' to soundtrack away your shitty desk job with a daydream of a brighter place, a place where your fist's in the air and you're shotgunning own-brand lager in a skull-and-crossbones vest, on a sofa that probably has bent coppers and powdered Doritos and lord knows what else pressed into its fraying fabric.

'Constant Delicious' is sort of like Fugazi on a Deep Purple tip, is what I'm trying to say, or Pissed Jeans if they swapped out the ennui for dancing. It's off Super Luxury's forthcoming full-length Ten Solid Years of Applause, out on March 23rd. Listen below