With their debut album due out later this year, Los Angeles band Tashaki Miyaki are treating us to a beautiful new track, 'Cool Runnings', which is released as a single (backed with a cover of Chris Bell's 'There Was a Light') on February 25th.

"'Cool Runnings' is a song about trying to stop the cycle of self sabotage," explains singer and drummer Lucy Miyaki. "I wanted to present that idea lyrically in way that wasn't too self-serious, as the concept itself is so severe. Levity seemed important lyrically and musically. The original demo was titled 'Cool Runnings' by my bandmate Rocky, and I thought it was perfect because that's what I do when I self sabotage. In some form or another I act like it's cool and run away."

Regarding the track's inspirations, Miyaki quoted "the strings on Big Star's Third/Sister Lovers, John Cale's Vintage Violence, and also the string arrangements on The Velvets and Trex records."

Listen below.

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