It's clear from the eponymous opener for his Time Goes By EP that Auckland-born, LA-based producer Taste Nasa has a real musical treat in store for us; I was sold from the opening few seconds. When we were first contacted about hosting this it was described to us as summoning the "sun-kissed opulence of a champagne yacht party in the eighties" – it's an impeccably apt description.

Whereas 'Time Goes By' exemplifies a shuffling disco bassline populated with nocturnal, sultry saxophones, and 'Endless Dreams' features a lot of jazz chords and sun-warped guitar ornamentations, 'I'd Like to be Your Girl' is house-flavoured morsel that tilts towards pop, still with undeniable effortless groove at work, as vocal harmonies blanket the instrumentation, all three tracks rich and colourful and graced by the gently crooning clarity of Taste Nasa's voice and whimsical pop lyrics.

The EP also arrives with three remixes of the three consecutive tracks: Brooklyn producer Baile turns the tile track into a superchilled beat-led voyage; fellow Aucklander High Høøps' version of 'Endless Dreams' skitters with hi-hats and squelches with synth bass; and 'I'd Like To Be Your Girl' gets a fun, disorienting remix courtesy of LA duo Wunder Wunder.

The remixes are decidedly synth-heavy – they're horizontally alternative takes on the three sparkling originals, finding another way to pin a groove down, or decorating the existing rhythms with elements not present initially (or just one element: synth, and lots of it). Fit for a summer's day, a summer's night, or just dreaming about summer – or some tropical / Mediterranean paradise – this release has, for me at least, put Taste Nasa on the map as one to go to when I want the sun to come out.

Stream it below. It's out today on Vitalic Noise.

  • Time Goes By tracklist:
  • 1 - Time Goes By
  • 2 - Endless Dreams
  • 3 - ​I'd Like to be Your Girl
  • 4 - Time Goes By (Baile Remix)
  • 5 - Endless Dreams (High Høøps Remix)
  • 6 - I'd Like to be Your Girl (Wunder Wunder Remix)