Let's jump back into the 80s for a second because, well, the sun's shining, Spring's in the air, so why not fill it with the sounds of an era filled with the first true colourful explosions of pop culture and the promise of bright hoverboard futures and capitalist dreams of endless riches for everyone? It's an attractive era, especially if (like me) you didn't actually grow up then, so I can understand why Taste Nasa has really jumped in the pool of idealistic glistening nostalgia for his song 'Ordinary Touch'.

Mixed and mastered at Red Bull Studios NZ, Auckland I think, the song drives along in a wobble of zigzags under the influence of its boogiesome, fragmented bass and flavoursome beat – ornamented with carnival samba sounds towards the end. Jewel cuts of funk guitar chirp alongside thinly resounding synth chords and Taste Nasa's own quavering voice; all of it brims with dancing limbs, slow motion sprinklers, long sunsets, the romance of beach parties and better days.

It's taken from his forthcoming EP, No Questions Asked. We'll be looking out for it.

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