What's in a name? Well, with a title like 'Holiday', you expect things to be sunny and chilled – unless you like adventure holidays, in which case you should be listening to something else right now. Because this particular 'Holiday', by California-based producer Teebs, featuring the psych-pop sensibilities of Sydney musicmaker Jonti, is for nothing but horizontal living; life lived horizontally. Eternal glory to the lusciously laid-back.

This one is a perfect exponent of chillwave's influence on and progression in the world of music, a perfect mix of the wide expansive synths of the aforementioned genre and dreamy psychedelia. But really it's much more than that. Featuring field recordings of general background tropicalia, insectoid fizzing beats, fluid backward electronics, lush foliage vocal harmonies – this is truly the soundtrack to being bathed in sunlight, to watching an almost nothing breeze brush the tops of trees, to walking mind-muffled back inside where everything looks blue, to the humid evenings that reek only of more paradisiacal tomorrows.

This lovely slice of sound comes from Teebs' upcoming album E s t a r a, scheduled for release on Brainfeeder, 8th April.

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