'Be Your Girl' by Teedra Moses is a modern R&B classic; that goes without saying. And thanks to Canadian super producer in the making Kaytranada, the magic of that record lives on with the next generation. The album from which it came from, Complex Simplicity - as Saint Heron described it - "gave us grown and sexy before we could possibly even know what it meant."

Today, many DJs and producers are still providing the world with their own interpolations of this cult classic and the UK's very own Adam Bainbridge, aka Kindness, is the latest to throw his well-styled hat into the arena with the DX7 remix of 'Be Your Girl'. It's nowhere near as club-ready as Katranada's remix - in fact, it probably lends itself more to the original. It's laid-back again and has more of a throwback '90s New York City vibe to it. If for any reason you've fallen out of love for this record (but then why would anyone ever do that?) this will surely reignite that fire.

In closely related Teedra Moses news, her second studio album - the critically acclaimed (and dangerously underrated) Cognac & Conversation - is available now. Ms Moses has also just released a new mixtape Clair Voyant to celebrate her recent birthday. It's available on her SoundCloud page.