Ok, so we didn't exactly fall in love with it, but there's still plenty of joy to find in Teen Daze's new album. And plus, a review is just one person's opinion. You might listen to it and decide the reviewer doesn't have any taste. You might listen to it and totally agree with his take. That's the beauty of music.

Listen to Morning World below courtesy of NPR and let us know if the review was spot on or not. Morning World is released on August 14th via Paper Bag Records.

  • Morning World Tracklist
  • 1. Valley of Gardens
  • 2. Pink
  • 3. Morning World
  • 4. It Starts At The Water
  • 5. Post Storm
  • 6. Life In The Sea
  • 7. You Said
  • 8. Garden Grove
  • 9. Along
  • 10. Infinity
  • 11. Good Night