Techno techno techno. Sorry. But this is techno. I just thought I'd let you know from the start what it is. Anyway, it's a track called 'Konter' from rising producer Recondite.

The track begins with cold intensity, with even its kicks dusted with such frosting that they sound like a snowman being kicked, but later on warms up with rich, analogue synth sounds that rise up out of the frozen bristling beat like steam, sometimes scorchingly so. It ends with the same kind of obliterated sense of minimalism that first ushered the track into existence.

This arrives from Recondite's latest album, Iffy, out 11th November on Innervisions.

Catch Recondite when he visits the UK after a stint of shows in Italy:

  • Nov 5-9 Club to Club festival - Turin, IT
  • Nov 21 Solstice at Saint Jude's - Glasgow UK
  • Nov 22 The Warehouse Project - Manchester UK
  • Dec 13 The Warehouse Project - Manchester UK
  • Dec 20 Fabric - London UK

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