You might know Van Pierszalowski best from his spot fronting the alt-rock band WATERS, who have spent the last few years rapidly growing a sizable fanbase thanks to their 90's-tinged sound that's all over their debut album What's Real. Singles like "It All Might Be OK" and "Got To My Head" earned tons of radio play around the US and the band eventually hopped on tours with Tegan & Sara and Grouplove, even selling out the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles.

While the band focus on recording their highly anticipated sophomore effort, Pierszalowski has started recording a brand new project under the name Van William, and we're so excited to bring you his debut single "Fourth of July" today!

It's a cheery tune with enough woah-ohs and places for potential hand claps to satisfy the alt radio crowd, but Van said it's actually a much darker tune than it first lets on. "'Fourth of July' is about losing your faith and walking away from all the judgement and restriction that comes with it. It's about the bittersweet feeling of breaking free even though it comes at the expense of losing so much you've held dear." Incredibly catchy with a bit more than a hint of introspection, it's not a complete departure from Waters' sound, but it's one hell of a great song regardless and we can't wait to hear what comes next from him! Stream it below.

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