London-via-Perth vocalist Emmi has known for the better part of her life that change is pretty much the only constant in life. Whether she was moving with her family and always switching schools, getting into med school and deciding to train as a dancer instead, or working as a co-writer for artists in a multitude of genres before realizing that she should step out on her own, things had always been in a state of flux. That last choice, though, might've been her best - she came out of the gate swinging with her debut single 'My Kinda Swag', and now she's followed it up with the fantastic 'Sleep On It' which we're premiering for you today!

A confident pop track that brings to mind Tove Styrke with Em's soulful voice and fun, tribal-esque drums, it sounds like the work of someone who has been in the pop music game for years now - and while she has, in a sense, with it being her second ever solo tune, it's undeniably impressive in a way that some artists don't accomplish until they're a handful of EPs in. It feels like there's a new voice (or three) in the quickly growing alt-pop world every single day, but both 'Sleep On It' and 'My Kinda Swag' prove that Emmi's a voice you should definitely keep an eye on. Stream the track below!

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