Every now and again you hear a song that just stops you in your tracks. It happened to me when I heard Breaking Through. I listen to a lot of new music, it's par for the course when you do what I do. After a while you inadvertently end up listening to music without really engaging with it emotionally. You never really tune in. It's probably a defence mechanism of some kind. There is so much in an instant now, if you put your heart into everything you'd be burnt out by lunchtime, desperately hugging a stranger whilst standing in line for a sandwich. Nobody wants that.

So you're skimming through your life, faced with the choice of all of the things and you go round and round in circles, never letting more than half of your brain devote itself at any one time. Texting whilst walking. Tweeting whilst watching. Typing whilst listening. We have more but we use less. We are the one constant. Put Your Hands Up For Neo Tokyo made me stop typing. They made me turn up the volume and stare out of the window. They made me really pay attention.

From the very first note in 'You', one thing is abundantly clear: this wonderfully named band are painting from a different palette to everyone else. They may be sat in the same class, drawing the same still life, but in the dull autumn gloom they are luminescent. You will notice reference points in the use of the guitar. The occasional nod to this band or that with their vocal harmonies. On the whole, if pushed, I would say it's the most forward thinking retro music I have ever heard.

For whatever reason, it seems harder for Norwegian bands to break through (pun intended) so we're really proud to be able to host the first public stream of this EP. I mean, listen to Einar Stray and tell me he wouldn't be a massive rock star in this country if he was American. Anyway, I'll hop down from my soapbox, I hope you like these four songs. In my mind they are near perfect, at once introverted and danceable, full of feeling but distant somehow. Like how you still have feelings for that girl who left but enough time has passed for you to be able to say her name and smile. Or not like that at all.

If you like this you should tell a friend. It's how the industry needs to work now. You tell a friend, your friend tells a friend, that guy buys the record on a whim. The record changes his life. We're all validated. Simple.

Breaking Through is released digitally on December 13th, with a vinyl release to follow in March of 2014.