The Griswolds are one of the brightest new stars coming out of the Australian indie scene, having blown everyone away with their Heart of a Lion EP and its single, the title track. The band went straight into the studio to work on their debut album Be Impressive, which has been out for a couple weeks in both US and Australia via Wind-Up Records. Today, though, we're beyond stoked to bring you the exclusive album stream for thoes of you in the UK who have been dying to get your hands on it.

Dripping with glistening, 80's-reminiscent synths and some of the biggest hooks I've heard in ages - 'Beware the Dog', 'Down and Out', and 'Not Ready Anymore' are just a few examples - it's the perfect album for those of you who are dying to ride out those last few sunny days of the season with an unbridled fervor.

The band are headed back to Australia for their album release tour and unfortunately don't have any UK dates scheduled at the moment, but you'll know when we know!

Listen to Be Impressive below.

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