If you follow the Instagram or Twitter accounts from Dirty Hit Records or Matty Healy (of The 1975), you've probably seen them post about someone who goes by The Japanese House. It was then unveiled that it was the namesake of UK-based musician Amber Bain, and two days ago her debut single 'Still' got its first-ever play as Zane Lowe's 'Next Hype'.

Produced by Healy and George Daniel (also of The 1975), their influences can be heard in the atmospheric 80's-esque synths, but that's about where the likenesses between The 1975 and Japanese House stop. Bain makes the song her own with warm, dream-pop sounds that wash over the listener like you're standing in the ocean getting taken over by the waves. It might be one of my favourite debut tracks I've heard in quite a while, and you can listen to it for yourself below.

'Still' is from her debut EP Pools to Bathe In, which drops on 27 April via Dirty Hit Records.

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