CON VOS are a band from New York City who have expanded their sound far beyond the realm of just indie pop. They've masterfully blended together hip-hop and pop sensibilities on their debut Cocoon Bloom EP, which sounds a lot better than it does reading about it and is a sure sign of big things to come. Experience it for yourself below; the band are streaming the EP in its entirety today, and it's seeing a proper release on 3rd February.

The band were formed when Fortunate Ones, a hip hop duo from neighbouring state New Jersey, decided they wanted to break out of the world of strictly hip-hop into something more atmospheric and pop-minded. They decided to team up with Brooklyn-via-Ireland vocalist Sorcha Richardson and it turns out it was a match made in heaven; her voice soars over the production provided by fellow band member Genetics. If you like what you hear, make sure you pick up Cocoon Dream over at their website on Monday!

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