Peter Strickland, who first entered the world of filmmaking with his Hungarian-language film Katalin Varga, has returned with a new film called The Duke Of Burgundy (named after a species of butterfly).

The film centres around the increasingly intimate relationship between a maid (Chiara D'Anna) and her lepidopterist mistress (Sidse Babett Knudsen, leading lady of Borgen) and has been soundtracked by Cat's Eyes, the side project of Horrors frontman, Faris Badwan.

But yes! You can stream a track – the music for the opening credits specifically – taken from the score (tracklist at the end of this post), which will be released in its entirety digitally and on vinyl on 16th January. Listen below.

And below that you'll find the UK trailer. Looks kind of like a period drama, same-sex version of 50 Shades but who am I to judge.

The Duke Of Burgundy is out 20th January.

  • The Duke Of Burgundy tracklisting:
  • 1. Forest Intro
  • 2. Opening Credit Song- The Duke of Burgundy
  • 3. Moth
  • 4. Door No.1
  • 5. Pavane
  • 6. Dr. Schuller
  • 7. Lamplight
  • 8. Door No. 2
  • 9. Carpenter Arrival
  • 10. Reflection
  • 11. Door No. 3
  • 12. Black Madonna
  • 13. Silkworm
  • 14. Evelyn's Birthday
  • 15. Evelyn's Birthday (Flute version)
  • 16. Black Madonna (Cor Anglais version)
  • 17. Night Crickets
  • 18. Requiem For The Duke of Burgundy
  • 19. Hautbois
  • 20. Coat of Arms