Whoaaaaa that was intense. What was intense? The beginning of this track by Clarence Clarity, that's what. An ominous voice says "The universe unfolds" then you pass through a hefty waterfall of synth to get to the main body of the track, called 'Those Who Can't, Cheat'.

Which itself is a bouncy number supported by fat fuzzy bass and a marching beat packing plenty of punch, ornamented with squiggly Arabic melodies and the twinklings of a music box. Top it off with vocals from the man himself which interchangeably sing and scream with lots of heart and soul, as well as a noisy clattering explosion of a finale, and you got yourself a song.

Not only a song, but the first to be taken from CC's upcoming four-track Who Am Eye EP, out 1st December. You can pre-order it here.

Check out the mix Clarence Clarity made for our Plastic Platform series.

Why not try and decipher this "customer testimonial" (more like an actually good poem) for the EP? Why not do it whilst listening to that mix?

"who am eye [sic]?
clarence clarity saved me from the reptile cesspit
pulled me back to a surface eye didn't recognise
this checkerboard landscape is an auto-refreshing infinity pool
the plastic feels amazing 
glitching polygons knife-fight on the horizon
celebrity sex tapes cast inverted shadows across the storm cloud™
and in plato's desert caves they spin a deep web
eye'm the melting face in the pixel avalanche
eye write a press release as a youtube commenting parasite
coz eye'm as 2D as u
eye'm clarence clarity"