Up for stream is the lovely new EP from Alcopop! Records...featuring Matt from Stagecoach, Warren from Attika State and new signing Katie Malco - each performing a stripped back acoustic track. But why? Jack PoP (head honcho of Alcopop! takes up the story).

"Our lovely new lady Katie Malco was keen to get out and see the sites during a summer tour of gardens, small festivals and such – so we hooked her up with two of our most beautiful boys in Warren Attika State and Matt Emery Stagecoach – booked a few shows and sent them packing. So far they’ve met ferrets in Capel, battled football hooligans with melody in Kingston – even partying in Bristol with spaghetti a-plenty.

To celebrate such endeavours, all 3 of them got together, recorded some lovely lo-fi songs with the help of Warren’s cat (seriously, you can hear her on the end of Warren’s Frank Turner-esque belter 6 shots) – committed them to CD and digital locations – whilst all 3 artists and I (with Lady PoP) hand painted 25 sleeves each for putting them in (the run is limited to just 100 copies). All individual, you’ve got owls, flags, kittens and even a picture of Warren looking very much like a sugarpuff monster. Voila! The threEPeople"

So there you are - and here it is! (Oh and the guys are playing the Northampton Labour Club tonight, so make sure you go if you're in the area!)

Katie Malco - 'His Face Is A Map'

Matt Emery - 'Ghost Dreaming'

Warren Mallia - '6 Shots'