It was announced a few weeks ago that Tomas Barfod had signed to Secretly Canadian to release his new EP Pulsing. He's now got another track from that EP streaming, 'Happy', which you can listen to below. The EP is due out on 18th February and if it were possible, 'Happy' may be even better than the previously released title track! It's an emotional house track that has vocal contributions from Eddie Chacon of the 90's soul duo Charles & Eddie. On his Soundcloud, he elaborated about the song's meaning, saying:

"The lyrics to Happy came about differently than any song I have written before. One day while driving in Los Angeles with my wife we were talking about a person's natural disposition. She labeled me an eternal optimist. I thought about that for a second before I replied that this world is hard on artists. In my 35 year music career starting in the late 70's in San Francisco and leading up until now that I had seen so many of my great musician friends slip away due to aids, drugs, car accidents, suicide and even santaria but that I had decided I was gonna be happy. My wife was moved by this and insisted I make a song out of it. I've attended many funerals in my life and I always think the same thing: Any day above ground is a good day."

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